An online bachelors from an accredited US nursing school
Franklin University
Are you a registered nurse in your country? Get the equivalent degree from a Top US university.

Depending on your academic and professional background, HCPI offers various pathways for you to receive a Nursing degree from a US college or University

Pathway 1 (On Campus BSN in the US)

  • If you are not presently a licensed nurse in your own country but would like to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, you can enroll in the BSN Program

  • This campus-based program runs for four years and includes 6 months of ESL instruction if needed

  • If you are a licensed nurse in your own country with either a bachelor’s degree or a two or three year professional degree, you can enroll in the RN to BSN Completion program 

  • This is an 18 month to one year program depending on the number of college credits that are accepted by the US college or university and whether you need ESL instruction

  • This program is offered on-line as well as on campus.

Pathway 2 (RN to BSN Completion Program)

Pathway 3 (On Campus Family NP in the US)

  • Once you complete your bachelor’s in nursing from either Pathway 1 or Pathway 2, you are eligible for the Masters level Family Nurse Practitioner Program

  • This is a two-year program with an intensive clinical component that is designed to increase the scope of practice of trained nurses who already have a bachelor’s degree

  • It is a campus-based, on-site program.

In order to be admitted to the programs, students must:

Complete the college or university’s admissions application

Submit an official transcript. For students who have completed high school, a high school diploma and transcript is required; for students with college experience, transcripts from all colleges are required

Students applying to Pathway 2 must provide proof that they are licensed nurses in their own country

Students applying to Pathway 2 must have their college record reviewed and approved by CGFNS as being the equivalent to nursing courses offered in the United States

All students must take a standardized test, TOEFL or IELTS, to determine English proficiency

HCPI will assist with employment opportunities

Once students complete their bachelor’s degree, whether in one of the completion programs or in the four-year program, they will be able to either return to their country of origin or, if they prefer, they can apply for a paid practical training internship and ultimately a job in the U.S.


For those students interested in staying the U.S. for internships and job placement, HCPI will attempt to place those qualified students with organizational sponsors that will facilitate this process