An online bachelors from an accredited US nursing school
Franklin University
Are you a registered nurse in your country? Get the equivalent degree from a Top US university.

HCPI assists in the setting up of dual degree programs between accredited, non-profit US Universities and international Nursing Colleges and Universities


  • The Dual Degree Program allows international nursing students to complete the bachelors degrees from their home college or university at the same time that they are earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Franklin University, a highly respected university in Columbus, Ohio that is accredited by both the Higher Learning Commission and the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE)

  • All of the Franklin University nursing courses are offered online and, therefore, can be taken in the students' own home or campus residences.

  • The nursing program in the students' home countries must be recognized and approved by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS).

  • Before receiving their BSN from Franklin University, students must demonstrate oral and written competency of the English language by achieving acceptable scores on either the TOEFL or IELTS examinations.

  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester credits from Franklin University.

  • Students must attain a nursing license from their own country and complete 26 credits of nursing courses from Franklin prior to taking the final course course at Franklin leading to the BSN, The Capstone course that allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that they have learned in the Franklin program in a healthcare environment


Flexible Program

  • Franklin's flexible scheduling model allows students to take its online courses at times that do not conflict with the course schedule of he students home college or university. For example, all of the Franklin courses can be offered during  the students' Winter/Spring break and during the Summer.

  • Also, 8 of the 30 credits of required course work could be taken at their home college or university. This amounts to 2 courses, usually a course on Health Assessment and Promotion and a course on Community Health Nursing.

Illustrative Schedule

  • Students could begin the Dual Degree Program when they have completed all but the last two years of the nursing program at their home college or university.

  • The schedule or courses could follow the model below:

    • Winter 1, 6 weeks
      PF 321 Learning to Navigate Franklin's Online Environment
      NURS 310 Transition to Professional Nursing

    • Summer 1, 6 weeks
      HIM 350 Healthcare Informatics
      HCM 442 Healthcare Policy, Law, and Ethics

    • Winter 2, 6 weeks
      NURS 435 Nursing Research
      HCM 472 Contemporary Issues in Health Care

    • Summer 2, 6 weeks
      NURS 425Genetics in Nursing and Health Care
      NURS 455 Leadership and Management

  • At this point students will have completed their Nursing degrees from their home college or university. They will then apply for their nursing license. Once they have their licenses, they can take the last course in the Franklin degree program, NURS 498, Nursing Capstone. Once they complete this course, they will receive their BSN from Franklin University.